Immigration Consultants (Member of NZAMI)

Why use an Immigration Consultant?

Background to New Zealand Immigration Policy and Immigration Residency Application:
Over the past 20 years that we have been in the immigration assistance business, the New Zealand Government has changed its Immigration Policy frequently. Many of these changes occur with little prior warning, and can cause great confusion and additional costs to the person applying for New Zealand residency.
The New Zealand Immigration Policy is complex. The initial information given to applicants by the Immigration Service is only a condensed version of many hundreds of pages of regulations, which are to be found in the Operations Manual, that apply to residency applications, visas etc.
We have found that some applicants because of their limited knowledge of English, have not been able to fully comprehend what is required of them when lodging their residency applications. There are also applicants (even those who have excellent English language skills)who have every chance of being able to lodge successful applications but who miss out because they have misunderstood the policy or have not been able to convey their details accurately to the NZ Immigration Service.
An inadequately prepared application can result in an application being declined, causing great disappointment to the applicant and family. You do have the right to appeal to the Residence Review Board if your application for residency is declined. However this is a costly and drawn out exercise, there is a substantial fee to pay in such instances and it can take up to one year for a decision.

We strongly recommend that rather than risk going it alone you use the services of a good immigration consultant.

How Global Immigration Services can assist you as an intending migrant:
We regard ourselves to be amongst the best in Immigration Advisers. We have many hundreds of satisfied clients who can attest to our professionalism and caring approach and many who still refer their friends to us.
Directors of Global Immigration Services (NZ) Ltd. are members of the New Zealand Association for Migration & Investment and as such, are bound by a strict code of conduct. We strongly recommend that you should lodge your application through an immigration consultancy who are members of this association, even if you choose not to use us.
Global Immigration Services (NZ) Ltd. are able to cater for all your immigration needs as well as for various types of visas, permits etc.
We offer to appraise your chances of success if you are contemplating applying for permanent residency, after receiving from you a completed residency assessment questionnaire.
Our Company Director holds a full license issued by the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority.
We provide a full range of additional services, which include applications for visitor's visas, student visas, work visas, assessment of qualifications through the NZ Qualifications Authority, extensions to various permits. We also assist in citizenship and passport applications. We can provide advice and assistance in the lodgement of employment applications or in the writing of any letter where a degree of professionalism may be required by way of presentation or where accurate English is essential.
We have the benefit of having the full set of current Immigration regulations, as defined in the Manual, a thorough understanding of the complexities of immigration policy and highly experienced staff. We look at every possibility, so that if there is a chance of success, we are there to find it for you.


If, in our opinion, your chances are very good and we believe that your application should receive a positive result, we will advise you accordingly. If your chances are slim or without hope, then we will advise you of this and possibly suggest an alternative or tell you to forget about ever getting to New Zealand, except say on a holiday. In this instance we advise that you be very wary of any consultant who advises differently. Carry out some in - depth checks on such consultants before committing yourself.

We advise that you do not waste your money by proceeding to lodge an application on your own, if you have been advised that you have no chance of success.

If you decide to proceed further, once we have completed our initial residency appraisal and you wish to enquire about our services, we will advise you accordingly and advise of our fees, to suit your situation. Fee charges can also vary from time to time because of currency fluctuations. An approximate indication of residency application fees can be found under Our Fees.
If you decide to use our services, a contract will be drawn up which will state the fee being charged, our obligations towards you and your obligations towards us. Our contracts are framed in simple English (which is important for those who have English as a second language) so that there is no misunderstanding as to what is being offered.

The success of your application is important to Global and we pledge to do everything within our power to obtain a satisfactory outcome. Most of our business is generated from referrals from satisfied clientele and we believe that is possibly the best incentive for our company to remain successful.