Residence Visas 

One-Off 2021 Category, Skilled Migrant Category, Residence from Work, Family Categories (Partnership, Parent, Dependent Child), Business Categories - Residence in New Zealand is usually the ultimate goal for most migrants. With thousands of residence applications behind us we have vast amount of experience in this area.
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 Work Visas 

Essential Skills, Work to Residence, Family Partnership, Religious Worker, Post-Study – We are experts in this area and will first assess your eligibility to acquire a work visa, and will then apply for a visa on your behalf. In some cases we may also be able to help you with job search.
 Student Visas 
Talk to us about your study options in New Zealand before making a decision what and where to study. We can assist you with advice and guidance which will help you with your subsequent job search and pathways towards work and resident visas.
 Employer Accreditation 
We can assist employers to obtain an Employer Accreditation, help them recruit migrants for any skills that cannot be found locally, as well as to provide them with general immigration advice, relevant to their business.
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 Visitor Visas 
Please feel free to contact us for assistance, guidance and representation.
 Other Matters 
We can provide necessary advice, and also act on behalf of prospective migrants in other immigration matters, such as Appeals to Immigration and Protection Tribunal, Section 61 Requests, Ministerials, Evaluations of overseas qualifications, NZ citizenship applications etc.